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RoadSkulls V-Twin Performance Denver location is proud to offer Colorado with its first climate controlled power sports UTV dyno tune facility. We can tune all year round. No matter the weather, the dyno room is always 75 degrees. We are also proud to be the only dyno in the state able to tune choppers up to 102″ long, trikes, bikes with side-cars, ATV’s, UTV’s (side by side) up to 122″ long and 65″ wide, and go carts.

All of our tunes are 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. If for some reason your are not happy with the tune, bring it back and we will address your concerns. If we cannot fix the problem, rest assured that will refund your money and reflash to your original map.

Please note that alterations to the configuration of a bike after a tune null the guarantee. Alterations include, but are not limited to changes in the way the vehicle breaths, cams, heads, exhaust, slip-on’s, air cleaner, etc.

The dyno can tune Motorcycles up to 102″, and UTV’s up to 122″ long (measured from the front edge of the front tire to the center of the rear axle) and up to 65″ in width (measured from outside edge of rear tires)

Dyno Tuning Carbureted bikes runs $400.00, plus jets and parts

PowervisionBasic Dyno Tune

Basic dyno tunes are recommended for riders that want to avoid high costs, but increase a bike’s performance.  This tune option is available for fuel injected Harley-Davidson motorcycle with the Delphi ECM, including 2015 models.  This option is ideal for riders performing mild modifications to their bike, such as:

Air Cleaner & Pipes – Air Cleaner & Slip-on’s – Installing cams – Bolt-On Big Bore – Bolt-On Big Bore & Cams – Motors up to 113″

***As always all our tunes are 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Basic Dyno tune cost is $600 and includes dyno time and ECM reflash.

This service is only available on 2007 and subsequent mode

PowerCommanderVPerformance Tune

This tune is recommended for riders eager to squeeze every ounce of horsepower out of their bike and offers the ultimate in adjustability.  PCV allows for individual mapping of each cylinder and gear and has a 2 position map switching function built in (map switch not included) that is capable of attaching to multiple PCV accessories.  This tuning package is recommended for motors that are over 113″.

***As always all our tunes are 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Performance Tunes starting at $800, includes dyno time and install

Four Wheeler on dynoUTV dyno tune (Side-by-Side) / ATV  /  Go-Carts dyno-tunes

RoadSkulls is glad to offer tuning to the four-wheel market in the Front Range area.  ATV, or Go-Cart, UTV dyno tuning is determined on a case by case basis. Contact us directly to discuss cost and capabilities.

Proudly serving the Denver, Front Range Colorado Market – Dynojet tuner and tuning services, harley davidson, chopper motorcycles.

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